Fire Blankets to Eliminate
Electrical Fires

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Get Control of A Car Fire in Seconds

Fire blankets prevent catastrophic injury and damage to personal and public property and isolate toxic fumes and flames within seconds.

Fire blankets can be used anywhere - they quickly extinguish fires in underground parking garages, parking lots, charging stations, gas stations, and tunnels. They are well utilized by body shops, mechanics, and car dealers and provide peace of mind.


Preferred by FireFighters


The most efficient and eco-friendly solution For a Car Fire

Technology has changed and is forcing Fire Departments to move towards using fire blankets over fire hoses.

Water is not the best solution for a car fire.

Fire Blankets allow Fire Fighters to:

  • Control fire in any vehicle within seconds
  • Isolate fire in electric vehicles
  • Immediately isolate toxic gases and smoke, protecting civilians from carcinogen exposure


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