EV Car Fire in Residential Garage

Video Summary below from Bridgehill

A resident in Centennial, Colorado called 911, reporting their garage on fire from their electric vehicle. When firefighters arrived, they saw the large volume of fire and smoke coming from the garage and initial search of the home revealed that there was no one else inside the house, and thankfully the people who were inside safely evacuated without injuries.

After the fire was controlled, firefighters determined that the lithium ion battery pack inside the vehicle was still burning and that posed a great hazard, and a great risk to everything around it, not only because of the risk of the fire spreading, but because the smoke that’s coming off of the vehicle is very toxic.

Once firefighters knew that an electric vehicle was involved, a hazard materials team came to the scene. They came equipped with a specialized electric vehicle fire blanket, which is used to smother the fire. When the blankets arrived on scene, a south metro fire rescue pick up truck was used to pull the burning electric vehicle out of the garage and onto the driveway where it was safer. Once the blanket is applied, the scene is relatively safe and that at that point or responders can take the time that they need to to make sure that everything inside the house is OK and work on removing those vehicles from the premises.

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