How To Use Bridgehill Fire Blankets

Video Summary below from Bridgehill

The Bridgehill Smart Bag

The handles on the side were developed to be easily used by 2 people. The back comes with 2 straps and a strap to hang the bag on a hook. The bag is airtight and smell proof. The lid comes with a net for storage. The bag comes with an instruction manual and a repair kit for damage to the blanket.

Deployment of a Fire Blanket.

Blanket should be placed in front or back of the vehicle. Roll out the blanket and grab the handles and tighten the blanket between 2 people and walk it over the vehicle. Make sure the blanket is centered around the vehicle so that you can secure the vehicle from oxygen. It's important that you create a type of skirt and this will enable you to properly deprive the vehicle from oxygen.

If the battery's burning you need to determine when this stops. You can do this by just seeing if the sound is gone or by using thermal imaging. You can take off the blanket if you want after an hour, but we recommend you to have the blanket on the entire time until the vehicle has been transported to a safe place.

Folding The Blanket

When you're folding the blanket there should be two people to try to fold it as an accordion. You can use the previous wrinkles as a reference point, making sure that the handles are sticking out before you roll it in all the way to the center. Use the belt and put it inside the bag.

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