Stopping Electric Vehicle Car Fires With A Blanket

A typical car fire need 500 gallons of water. An electric vehicle fire needs 30,000 gallons of water!

Electric vehicles have brought new challenges for fire departments. Regular car fires don't take too long to become extinguished, but electric vehicle fires can burn for hours on end, using up a significant amount of fire departments' time and resources. Water is not the best answer for an electrical vehicle fire.

Technology has changed, forcing fire departments to get away from fire hoses and moved using fire blankets. Electric vehicles definitely brought a new challenge. The problem is that the battery in an electric vehicle contains a huge amount of energy in a really small space and then they’re protected very well inside of the vehicle so in order to get access to those batteries is where the problems start.

To put it in perspective, the amount of water coming out of fire hoses for a typical car fire is about 500 gallons and for EV fires, about 30,000 gallons of water. We’ve had to develop some new practices in fighting these fires from the standard way to extinguish a fire.

We either have to remove the fuel, we have to remove the heat which is what we use water for, or we have to remove the oxygen. That’s the basis of the fire blanket - we’re creating an air pocket around that vehicle that we make it as small as possible, and once that oxygen has been consumed, it helps to prevent the fire from spreading or getting any worse.

Were using a blanket on electric vehicle. The minimum is an hour that it’s going to take to help prevent or to stop that fire. We have our one time use blanket so we are going to secure the blanket around the vehicle and it’s going to stay with that car permanently while it’s getting towed away. Once it’s in the tow yard, that blank is going to stay with the vehicle because problems have been found where electric vehicles start back on fire two or three days later. That causes a whole other problem in the vehicle storage yards.

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